Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One week in...

Originally written on 5/14/12:

Another Monday; a chance to take stock of last week and come up with a plan of attack for this week. I lost five pounds over the preceding week. Not bad though being the first five pounds to lose with nearly 100 pounds to lose it's significantly less effort than the 5% of the desired weight loss it represents. Frankly, one hearty BM could account though that's just a guess because I'm not weighing it. I don't care that much. I want three rides and a run this week. Rides should be 18 - 26 miles and a run of 3 - 3.5 miles. Still have yet to take a drink of soda.

I'll have to check the previous blog entries to see if I've already talked about this. I know that I succumb to the lure of instant gratification far more often than I should. Nothing represents that more completely than drinking soda. I know that soda is empty calories. I've seen the 60 Minutes where a doctor describes sugar as cancer's favorite food. I get headaches and a stiff neck within an hour of drinking soda. And yet I've had a hell of a time kicking the habit. I ignore all that I know about soda for the ice-cold carbonated, candied euphoria that occurs when glass meets lips. What sort of devilry is at work?

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