Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's just like riding a bike.

Originally written on 5/15/12:

Eighteen miles last night on the bike. As the body adjusts I am reminded again the part of my body that will complain the longest and the loudest is my back. For background, I was born with scoliosis. For the most part it does not bother me, and any pain is usually negligible. It does hinder my ability to play basketball, my second favorite sport. The situation is not helped by the owner of the back who will not do the requisite core work to strengthen the surrounding muscles. On the upside, my position on the bike is coming back to me. It's an oddly pleasurable feeling when you rediscover your form after a long layoff. It's like riding with a governor on your engine and then suddenly, it's gone. Comfort and power are delivered at once. As I lengthened my back out over the bike, and adjusted the angle of my hips on the saddle, a circuit closed in my head. Even with my enormous gut I was able to ride in the drops for a few minutes comfortably. My legs felt like they had more room and the ability to turn circles improved. It's such a shame that I ever forget something like that. Perhaps I am beginning to figure out why I am not a happier person.

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