Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ice Cube had it right

Today was not expected to be a good day. As with most bad days, the groundwork was laid the night before. I was out Wednesday night bidding farewell to a friend and co-worker on his way to Afghanistan. He's going voluntarily. He's doing with his youth what should be done; collect the experiences that will shape the rest of your life. I will miss him. So in the course of the evening I ate two dinners and tipped back three Labatt Blue's. I doubt you'll find that on offer at the WeightWatchers website. Sure enough, I was up a pound and a half this morning. I had scheduled a half-day because I had Piano Guild in the afternoon. When that was finished at 3:45, I checked in with a tired family that assented to my afternoon ride. And this is where the incontrovertible goal made sure the ride happened. I think I've stated in previous posts that I consider this a 'must,' not an option. The rational part of my mind understands that this is somewhat silly, but that part stays quiet because all of the short-term benefits have satisfied its desire for sense and order. Log 36 miles, and some mental toughness training while riding into stout side- and headwinds. Pretty good day.

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