Thursday, October 4, 2012


Here's a couple of pictures of the bike with the kit nearly complete. The seat bag still needs to be added which will require a rethink of the bottle carrier though I think I've got that solved. Nothing I'm using is custom. Without some experience, customizing seemes like a waste of time.

Garmin eTrex 20
NiteRider 1400 PRO
Profile Design aerobars
Revelate bags; Gas Tank, large Tangle, and Viscacha
Seat tube bottle holder
Kenda XC Smallblock 8s (32mm) w/tubes
Pearl Izumi bibs
Spare shorts (to double-up possibly)
Nike Dri-fit (15 years old and fantastically warm on 40-degree mornings)
Long-fngered windproof gloves
Halo sweatband (love this thing!)
Generic lightweight rain gear (from my bike messenger days)
RayWay Quilt and tarp (didn't finish the Net-Tent in time, could be trouble)
1/8" ultralight sleeping pad (cut to 4 feet)
Generic multi-tool, mini-leatherman, tire levers
two spares tubes
Pump and CO2
Assos chamois cream
Baby Gold Bond powder (for the nethers at sleepy time)

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