Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Change in place, purpose remains the same

So aside from all of the riding, equipment review, and planning, I started a new job today. It's a return to my core competencies; Windows OS, Windows server applications and VMware. There hasn't been as much excitement for me regarding this move. I guess I'm a little apprehensive having to learn a new environment. And I suppose I'm a little frustrated that things didn't work out at Honda. There seemed to be a lot of genuine sadness at the news that I was leaving. It certainly makes me feel good, but once I left it doesn't count for much; that and $5 will get me a Starbux.

In other news, I'm beginning to put back-to-back long rides together. Three weeks in a row I've had a single long ride of 100 miles or more. I figure it's time to train myself to recover. All of this training I'm doing doesn't follow much of a plan. So I just try to do what seems logical.

Step 1 - ride
Step 2 - ride further
Step 3 - keep going
Step 4 - do it again tomorrow
Step 5 - rest sometimes

I figure this is how I will race, and I've heard you should train how you plan to race. I scared myself a little yesterday as I really started to dig into the Appalachian Mountains Loop maps from the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA). The climbing comes early, often, and in varying degrees of difficulty. Two things; one, I'm about 60 pounds too heavy, and two, there are no significant hills in central Ohio. There are no 15-mile 2% grades or 2-mile 10% climbs. I guess I could set up the road bike on the trainer, stick a cinderblock under the front wheel, crank the resistance to 11, and go for broke. Anyhow, I have eight weeks and change to get myself ready.

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