Sunday, July 15, 2012

The friction that binds men's souls

Originally composed 6/27/12:

Last night was a bit of a battle to get myself out the door. This happens every once in a while. If I were more diligent about keeping a training log I might be able to identify the trends that sap my motivation. Perhaps I could minimize the friction that wears on the mind. It's a strange thing because for all my problem-solving ability, I tend to jump to the conclusion that my lack of motivation, dedication, or ability is to blame. Little by little I'm learning to cut myself a break and look for the clues that will lead me to a legitimate root cause. Case in point, I've been having problems with my saddle. Even short rides were causing a lot of discomfort. Strange as I've had this saddle for a while and never had problems in the past. When I took a moment to think of the possible causes, it occurred to me that I had removed the seat post to add a bottle holder. I assumed that I had replced the seat post and set it at the right height. A quick check showed that my assumption was wrong. No more discomfort, no mental friction.

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